Coworking information for #coworking fans

Coworking information – If you love coworking like I do, here are some links to other sites which talk about all things #coworking.

Before I list the sites, I’ll just add that it’s pretty cool how much information there is out there on coworking. This is just a taste of it. (Note I am not ‘endorsing’ any particular site, I’ve just identified some coworking related sites worth checking out).

… some cool coworking information and references …

Global Coworking Blog –

Coworking Wiki – (They were lucky to nab this domain).

I came across this site the other day via a #coworking search on Twitter. Their main business is not coworking, it’s an allied business, but they write some great articles on coworking on their website particularly the ‘Coworking Spaces’ section.

The Digital Work Hub Project has a lot of interesting content about coworking as this group works towards setting up multiple coworking spaces in South East Queensland (Australia) –

Where coworking all began –

Brad Neuberg @bradneuberg kicked off coworking in 2005.

Coworking has come a long way since then. Thanks Brad.

Cheers, Jane Deany

Page created 29 July 2014. Will be updated as and when I spot new sites to add to the list.

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