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www.coworkingiscool.com Twitter and #coworking

I love Twitter, it’s pretty cool, and obviously I love #coworking if the name of this site coworkingiscool.com is anything to go by. The connection between Twitter and #coworking will be obvious shortly.

I am half way through a challenge I set myself, to blog each day for a month. I have several blogs/websites on the go. So I am not blogging every day on www.coworkingiscool.com . I am also writing on my original blog which I began in December 2011 –

www.ilovebrokenhill.com .

The other active site for me is www.thechallengeofbeginning.blogspot.com.au . This site is more abouts thoughts and challenges around starting a project or anything really, but particularly something more challenging.

Back to coworking, that’s what I’ll write about. I wrote about Broken Hill yesterday.


That’s where Twitter comes in. By the way, note that www.coworkingiscool.com has an aptly named Twitter handle @CoworkingisCool (luckily it was available).

I have lots of things I want to say and write about in relation to coworking, but today I’m just going to suggest that if you’re interested in the topic, search #coworking on Twitter (follow @CoworkingisCool too please … if you like) and you’ll find there are many tweets on the topic. Many of the tweets are, not surprisingly, promoting the many coworking spaces around the world.

Via Twitter –
a sign coworking might be for you …

‘You Have Gotten in a Fight
Over a Café Electrical Outlet’

There are also however,  a lot of interesting articles on the subject of #coworking. You just have to hunt around a little to find them.

I found one interesting Twitter account @interioravenue which has its own blog on Coworking, even though they aren’t a coworking space themselves. According to their Twitter account description –

Interior Avenue provides businesses, architects, & designers architectural signage, site furniture, commercial furnishings at a value price point. AZ, NM, NV’ . They’re in Phoenix, Arizona (AZ), in the USA.

Here is a link to a humuorous article from their blog www.interiorave.com/blog

I love this one titled ‘5 Signs That Coworking Might Be Right For You‘ (published 7 April, 2014).

Hats off to them for their interesting and informative stories on coworking.

Cheers, Jane Deany