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Regional coworking on the rise

Regional Coworking
The phenomenon of coworking seems to be experiencing a real growth spurt. Coworking spaces are cropping up all over the place, particularly in suburban areas of Australia.

The surge in coworking isn’t just limited to the city and suburban areas however, it’s gradually making its way into regional areas as well.

On my blog www.ilovebrokenhill.com , I wrote an article 8 October 2013, about how ‘Coworking could increase employment opportunities in Broken Hill‘ and other regional areas.

… regional coworking is on the rise …

My article was also republished on www.digitalworkhub.com.au on 8 November 2013, see link to the article here


South East Queensland is working hard to set up #coworking spaces in this region as the www.digitalworkhub.com.au website explains.

L to R Jane Deany (me) and Teresa Mitchell (CoWorx) talk regional coworking at 'The Village'

L to R Jane Deany aka me and Teresa Mitchell (CoWorx) at NAB’s ‘The Village’

In my home state of Victoria, Teresa Mitchell, whom I met at the Hub Melbourne in the last year or so, has set up a coworking space known as CoWorx in the regional town of Warragul.

Warragul is about 105 km east of Melbourne, about an hour and a quarter’s drive, or you can take the train (and no doubt the bus as well). It has been operating for well over a year, and Teresa tells me it’s going well.

I hope to interview Teresa in the coming months, and provide more details about CoWorx. I must say, Teresa is involved in so many things, there’s no doubt theĀ CoWorx space will be a success. It’s on my list to go and visit when I’m next travelling to Gippsland.

Amongst her many interests, and of particular relevance to coworking and business, Teresa is currently Director of COSBA – Council of Small Business Australia.

Further afield, I hear that there will be ‘Five Smart Work Hubs to be set up under a NSW pilot program‘. See article of 11 July 2014 from the blog of www.digitalworkhub.com.au

Five Smart (NSW) Work Hubs …

Regional Coworking
There is actually so much to say on the subject of regional coworking, I will explore the topic in more detail in the future.

Regional coworking is a subject that’s close to my heart, especially given my interest in Broken Hill, and no I don’t come from there, it’s just a regional NSW city that I love to visit whenever I get the chance.

Stay tuned for more on #regionalcoworking.

Cheers, Jane Deany