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International Coworking Day 9 August 2014

‘International Coworking Day’ is tomorrow 9 August 2014. The event is now in its 4th year and marks the anniversary of when Brad Neuberg ‘officially’ started ‘coworking’ in 2005.

… Brad Neuberg officially launches
coworking August 9, 2005

The date also coincides with ‘Coworking Week’, which is variously noted as 2-9 August or 4-9 August 2014.

Events for International #CoworkingDay and Coworking Week are scattered around the globe. See the logo for the day below which I found from @citizenspace on Twitter.

International Coworking Day logo from Citizen Space #coworking in San Francisco USA

International Coworking Day logo from Citizen Space #coworking in San Francisco USA

I’ve listed below a few links to some relevant sites with more information about Brad Neuberg’s ‘coworking launch’ blog post and coworking week/day events.




There’s a Meetup group as well. The ‘coworkingweek’ meetup allows anyone with an account on www.meetup.com to create a subgroup within www.meetup.com/coworkingweek/ to create an event for Coworking Week.

… International Coworking Day
August 9, 2014 …

I ‘opened’ a ‘coworking week meetup’ group for Melbourne earlier today. I only just found out about this Meetup group earlier in the day, so it’s perhaps a little late to do much about it this year, maybe next year Melbourne could have some kind of ‘Fesival of Coworking’ during the corresponding week in 2015.

Action Step
So if you are interested in also being part of a Melbourne or even National (Australian) coworking week ‘Festival of Coworking’, please join the Melbourne group on Meetup.com/coworkingweek/.

Here’s to great coworking.

Cheers, Jane Deany (www.coworkingiscool.com editor)