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Facebook and coworking

I thought I would explore the topic of coworking from the point of view of what Facebook had to say. I was pleased to see that the generic term ‘coworking‘ was not ‘owned’ by anyone.

For what it’s worth, Facebook provided a nice introduction or overview of what coworking is, courtesy of a feed from Wikipedia. Naturally I ‘liked’ the page and if you are interested in coworking, why not ‘like’ the page as well.

I was the 3,523rd person to ‘like’ the page on Facebook, so I guess on a global scale, that’s not that many people. I guess that even though coworking has been around since 2005, it is still a relatively new concept.

As a global trend however, I think since 2013 I have noticed signs that the trend is really taking off, with many new coworking spaces popping up. They certainly are in and around my hometown Melbourne. It seems everytime I talk about coworking, someone tells me of another new space that has recently popped up.

Here is the link to the Facebook page about ‘coworking’ –


There is quite a lot written about it, and as I continue my research on my pet topic of coworking, I am amazed at how many books there are on the topic as well.

I will write about some of these books when I get the chance. My last blog post was in fact about one of these books. Its title was ‘The Style of Coworking‘. Here’s a link to that blog post of 2 July 2014Coworking space design ideas and inspiration‘.

Given my interest in the collaboration side of #coworking, a book title that I found in the Hub Melbourne library is ‘How to Set the Stage for Creative Collaboration’ by Scott Doorley & Scott Witthoft. Published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc. I am really looking forward to getting a moment to delve into this area as I am fascinated about the possibilities of collaboration that coworking has the potential to create.

Cheers, Jane Deany