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Regional coworking on the rise

Regional Coworking
The phenomenon of coworking seems to be experiencing a real growth spurt. Coworking spaces are cropping up all over the place, particularly in suburban areas of Australia.

The surge in coworking isn’t just limited to the city and suburban areas however, it’s gradually making its way into regional areas as well.

On my blog www.ilovebrokenhill.com , I wrote an article 8 October 2013, about how ‘Coworking could increase employment opportunities in Broken Hill‘ and other regional areas.

… regional coworking is on the rise …

My article was also republished on www.digitalworkhub.com.au on 8 November 2013, see link to the article here


South East Queensland is working hard to set up #coworking spaces in this region as the www.digitalworkhub.com.au website explains.

L to R Jane Deany (me) and Teresa Mitchell (CoWorx) talk regional coworking at 'The Village'

L to R Jane Deany aka me and Teresa Mitchell (CoWorx) at NAB’s ‘The Village’

In my home state of Victoria, Teresa Mitchell, whom I met at the Hub Melbourne in the last year or so, has set up a coworking space known as CoWorx in the regional town of Warragul.

Warragul is about 105 km east of Melbourne, about an hour and a quarter’s drive, or you can take the train (and no doubt the bus as well). It has been operating for well over a year, and Teresa tells me it’s going well.

I hope to interview Teresa in the coming months, and provide more details about CoWorx. I must say, Teresa is involved in so many things, there’s no doubt the CoWorx space will be a success. It’s on my list to go and visit when I’m next travelling to Gippsland.

Amongst her many interests, and of particular relevance to coworking and business, Teresa is currently Director of COSBA – Council of Small Business Australia.

Further afield, I hear that there will be ‘Five Smart Work Hubs to be set up under a NSW pilot program‘. See article of 11 July 2014 from the blog of www.digitalworkhub.com.au

Five Smart (NSW) Work Hubs …

Regional Coworking
There is actually so much to say on the subject of regional coworking, I will explore the topic in more detail in the future.

Regional coworking is a subject that’s close to my heart, especially given my interest in Broken Hill, and no I don’t come from there, it’s just a regional NSW city that I love to visit whenever I get the chance.

Stay tuned for more on #regionalcoworking.

Cheers, Jane Deany

Jelly Coworking Meetup Electron Workshop 18 July

If you have been thinking about trying coworking, there is no better time to give it a whirl than this Friday 18 July 2014 at the regular Melbourne Jelly Meetup which once again is being held at Electron Workshop.

Electron Workshop entrance

Electron Workshop entrance

If you aren’t sure what a Jelly (www.workatjelly.com) is, I published a post about it on 6 January 2014 – ‘Jelly provides a taste of coworking‘.

In brief, Jelly is a movement that creates the opportunity for casual #coworking at different spaces around the world on a semi regular basis.

The Jelly ‘movement’ began in February 2006 in New York City. Since then, the movement has grown and there are over 100 cities around the world that are involved.

You can find a list of participating cities from Jelly‘s wiki – wiki.workatjelly.com.

Jelly is open to anyone and it’s free!’

In my hometown Melbourne Victoria Australia there is a Jelly group available and it’s run through www.meetup.com. Here’s the link to Melbourne Jelly (via www.meetup.com).

I’ve been to a few Jelly Meetups so far. A couple last year were held at the then new ‘Collins Collective‘ coworking space, centrally located at the top end of Collins Street, Melbourne (Suite 6, Level 6 Collins Street). The others were at Electron Workshop in North Melbourne, an established and innovative coworking space run by Nick Jaffe and Martin Gleeson, which is where the event is being held this Friday.

Electron Workshop – 31 Arden Street North Melbourne


Electron Workshop  Jelly Meetup lunch break Nick Jaffe + Jason O + Andrew Lai + Jane Deany

Electron Workshop Melbourne Jelly Meetup lunch break Nick Jaffe + Jason O + Andrew Lai + Jane Deany

I must say I met some really interesting nice people and learned a few things too.

The Space
Electron Workshop is a quiet coworking space that attracts numerous independents as well as people working in the digital media industry. It’s friendly, convenient, near great cafes, Victoria Market, not very far from public transport and has a nice relaxed vibe. Oh yes, I mustn’t forget to mention the cappuccino machine and ping pong table. They even have an in-house theatre.

… Jelly Meetupcoworking … champagne breakfast …
Electron Workshop … Friday 18 July 2014 …

This month’s Electron Workshop Jelly is extra special as they’re putting on a special champagne breakfast (RSVP needed via Melbourne Jelly Meetup and there are limited spaces).

The Jelly option is a great opportunity to trial coworking. Some people come to just get out of their office, especially home office and to have a change of pace or scene for the day or a few hours. Others jump at the chance to get fresh ideas by way of chatting to fellow ‘jelliers’.
Whatever suits you, it’s a pretty casual affair.

Jelly is open to anyone and it’s free!

Cheers, Jane Deany

Facebook and coworking

I thought I would explore the topic of coworking from the point of view of what Facebook had to say. I was pleased to see that the generic term ‘coworking‘ was not ‘owned’ by anyone.

For what it’s worth, Facebook provided a nice introduction or overview of what coworking is, courtesy of a feed from Wikipedia. Naturally I ‘liked’ the page and if you are interested in coworking, why not ‘like’ the page as well.

I was the 3,523rd person to ‘like’ the page on Facebook, so I guess on a global scale, that’s not that many people. I guess that even though coworking has been around since 2005, it is still a relatively new concept.

As a global trend however, I think since 2013 I have noticed signs that the trend is really taking off, with many new coworking spaces popping up. They certainly are in and around my hometown Melbourne. It seems everytime I talk about coworking, someone tells me of another new space that has recently popped up.

Here is the link to the Facebook page about ‘coworking’ –


There is quite a lot written about it, and as I continue my research on my pet topic of coworking, I am amazed at how many books there are on the topic as well.

I will write about some of these books when I get the chance. My last blog post was in fact about one of these books. Its title was ‘The Style of Coworking‘. Here’s a link to that blog post of 2 July 2014Coworking space design ideas and inspiration‘.

Given my interest in the collaboration side of #coworking, a book title that I found in the Hub Melbourne library is ‘How to Set the Stage for Creative Collaboration’ by Scott Doorley & Scott Witthoft. Published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc. I am really looking forward to getting a moment to delve into this area as I am fascinated about the possibilities of collaboration that coworking has the potential to create.

Cheers, Jane Deany

Coworking space design ideas and inspiration

Before I begin to write about coworking and collaboration, it might be fun to check out some fabulous images of funky #coworking spaces which you can find by looking at Pinterest and books on the subject.

Below is the link to my Coworking Is Cool Pinterest board. You can also search the term ‘coworking’ or related words directly on Pinterest to find lots of inspiration and ideas, and get a sense of what some of the spaces look like.

There are lots of cool spaces to be found around the globe and the trend to #cowork shows no sign of fading.


Cover The Style of Coworking - Contemporary Shared Work Spaces 2013 by Alice Davies + Kathryn Tollervey

Cover The Style of Coworking – Contemporary Shared Work Spaces 2013 by Alice Davies + Kathryn Tollervey

Another place to look for ideas about coworking spaces is via a book someone loaned me. The title of the book is –

‘The Style of Coworking – Contemporary Shared Work Spaces’
by Alice Davies & Kathryn Tollervey
Published 2013, by Prestel.

The book has about 160 pages of visual coworking inspiration from around the globe, not to mention the descriptions of the spaces pictured.

The book gives you some ideas about where coworking is currently happening around the world. It is an attractive and inspiring publication.

I am glad my friend spotted it. Enjoy being inspired, cheers, Jane Deany