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Getting the most out of Coworking or Productive Coworking

In a blog post I published on 13 July 2014, I referred to the book ‘Working in the “UnOffice”: A Guide to Coworking for Indie Workers, Small Businesses, and Nonprofits‘ by Genevieve V DeGuzman and Andrew I Tang, 2011 (published by Night Owls Press).

If it’s not too late for you to catch QandA at my place, feel free to come by on the way home (unless your evening ends up being a late one with the girls and/or you’re not in the mood etc…). Let me know if the concept appeals. I understand that you might want to just play it by ear. Both of us may end up just wanting a quiet one to ourselves, but I do want to watch QandA for sure.

As I make my way through this great book, I thought I would outline what they suggest for ‘Getting the Most Out of Coworking’. Just in point form for now.

… Productive Coworking …

The authors devote a whole chapter to the topic of ‘Getting the Most Out of Coworking’, and rightly so. You might as well get the most out of your coworking experience, otherwise, why do it?

So here are a few of their themes/sections from chapter 5, which over time I will explore and expand upon further (once I have digested their suggestions).

  • Interact
  • Share
  • Play
  • Participate
  • Maximize Your Space
  • Enhance Productivity, Creativity, and Serendipity
  • Use Collaborative-Friendly Resources
  • Create Meetup Groups
  • Set Up Client Meetings (both physical and virtual)

Some of these headings are relatively self explanatory, however, others may need a little more explaining, which I will do another time. It gives you a chance to think through what they might be referring to, before I hand you the information (so to speak).

Here’s to good coworking.

Cheers, Jane Deany

Facebook and coworking

I thought I would explore the topic of coworking from the point of view of what Facebook had to say. I was pleased to see that the generic term ‘coworking‘ was not ‘owned’ by anyone.

For what it’s worth, Facebook provided a nice introduction or overview of what coworking is, courtesy of a feed from Wikipedia. Naturally I ‘liked’ the page and if you are interested in coworking, why not ‘like’ the page as well.

I was the 3,523rd person to ‘like’ the page on Facebook, so I guess on a global scale, that’s not that many people. I guess that even though coworking has been around since 2005, it is still a relatively new concept.

As a global trend however, I think since 2013 I have noticed signs that the trend is really taking off, with many new coworking spaces popping up. They certainly are in and around my hometown Melbourne. It seems everytime I talk about coworking, someone tells me of another new space that has recently popped up.

Here is the link to the Facebook page about ‘coworking’ –


There is quite a lot written about it, and as I continue my research on my pet topic of coworking, I am amazed at how many books there are on the topic as well.

I will write about some of these books when I get the chance. My last blog post was in fact about one of these books. Its title was ‘The Style of Coworking‘. Here’s a link to that blog post of 2 July 2014Coworking space design ideas and inspiration‘.

Given my interest in the collaboration side of #coworking, a book title that I found in the Hub Melbourne library is ‘How to Set the Stage for Creative Collaboration’ by Scott Doorley & Scott Witthoft. Published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc. I am really looking forward to getting a moment to delve into this area as I am fascinated about the possibilities of collaboration that coworking has the potential to create.

Cheers, Jane Deany