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Carolyn Tate – Slow School – Cool coworking colleagues

Carolyn Tate of The Slow School of Business (Slow School) is one of my cool coworking colleagues at Hub Melbourne.

Carolyn’s Slow School just might be able to help you.

What is the Slow School?
The Slow School is an unconventional business school for people passionate about building a purpose-driven and prosperous business that makes the world a better place.

The Slow School is all about collaborative learning and providing a safe space for experienced and worldly independents, freelancers, solo professionals, creatives, artists and corporate escapees to come together to learn, connect and collaborate.

I like the sound of that!

Next ‘class’ 27 August 2014
Are you tired of the corporate world or the whole corporate greed ‘thing’? Have you been wanting to escape and start your own business?

Perhaps you have an idea you want to convert into a new career, you just need to ‘make it happen’.

Alternatively, maybe your current business is not what you want it to be? A ‘brand refresh’ or different approach might help?

Whatever the case, you know something’s not quite right.

Well, there’s something different in education that should help you refine your thoughts.

Carolyn Tate launched her new ‘The Slow School of Business‘ (Slow School) in August.

Why not join Carolyn as the Slow School takes off, and capitalise on the wisdom of the ‘Slow Movement‘.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, 27 August 2014, there is a great opportunity to help you –

‘know your business purpose,
vision and values’

at a special Slow School dinner, which will be held at Hub Melbourne coworking space,

Level 3, 673 Bourke Street, Melbourne, the home of the Slow School.

The Slow School of Business will help you
‘know your business purpose, vision and values’

Event details, taken from ‘Eventbrite‘, where you can book tickets, are below –

Slow Dinner – How to know your business purpose, vision and values

Join us for dinner with a difference! Wednesday 27 August 2014 6-9pm

In today’s fast-profit, short-term thinking business world, it’s very easy to ignore the most important foundations to building a strong business by jumping straight into building products or services while trying every trick in the book to sell them. Smart and mindful business owners committed to building a sustainable business know their purpose, vision and values deeply – and they engage their tribe effectively first to allow the products and services neatly unfold. So what’s the difference between purpose, vision and values? What’s most important and which comes first? How do they work together? How important are they in building a sustainable and prosperous business that will help solve the world’s most wicked problems.

Join the Slow School team at this dinner to discuss your vision, purpose and values and leave with a plan to work on them. You’re also invited to join us at our Slow Study Clubs (free) each Tuesday morning at Hub where you get to share what you’ve been up to and to keep you accountable.

You are asked to bring a plate of food to share.
Wine and other refreshments will be provided.

The Slow School is an unconventional collaborative learning school for business people that share the common goal of building a purpose-driven and prosperous business that makes the world a better place. If you believe what we believe, then Slow School is for you.

Check out what the school is all about here. Slow School.

This class is being facilitated by Carolyn Tate.

Here is the link to purchase tickets.

Tickets are non-refundable or transferable to other classes/dinners. You are however able to pass on your ticket to a colleague to attend in your absence.

Slow School is an initiative of Carolyn Tate & Co. in Community Partnership with Hub Australia.

I’m really looking forward to the event, it will be a great night and no doubt very thought provoking.

I believe Carolyn is really onto something with her Slow School. I’ve already written a post about it dated 17 July 2014, here’s a link to the post

By the way, there’s another great article about Carolyn in the ‘Slow Living‘ magazine, which was published on 23 July 2014. Here’s a link to the article –

Cheers, Jane Deany

International Coworking Day 9 August 2014

‘International Coworking Day’ is tomorrow 9 August 2014. The event is now in its 4th year and marks the anniversary of when Brad Neuberg ‘officially’ started ‘coworking’ in 2005.

… Brad Neuberg officially launches
coworking August 9, 2005

The date also coincides with ‘Coworking Week’, which is variously noted as 2-9 August or 4-9 August 2014.

Events for International #CoworkingDay and Coworking Week are scattered around the globe. See the logo for the day below which I found from @citizenspace on Twitter.

International Coworking Day logo from Citizen Space #coworking in San Francisco USA

International Coworking Day logo from Citizen Space #coworking in San Francisco USA

I’ve listed below a few links to some relevant sites with more information about Brad Neuberg’s ‘coworking launch’ blog post and coworking week/day events.

There’s a Meetup group as well. The ‘coworkingweek’ meetup allows anyone with an account on to create a subgroup within to create an event for Coworking Week.

… International Coworking Day
August 9, 2014 …

I ‘opened’ a ‘coworking week meetup’ group for Melbourne earlier today. I only just found out about this Meetup group earlier in the day, so it’s perhaps a little late to do much about it this year, maybe next year Melbourne could have some kind of ‘Fesival of Coworking’ during the corresponding week in 2015.

Action Step
So if you are interested in also being part of a Melbourne or even National (Australian) coworking week ‘Festival of Coworking’, please join the Melbourne group on

Here’s to great coworking.

Cheers, Jane Deany ( editor)

Coworking, startups and That Start Up Show

A startup and coworking go together. They are one of the classic combinations as a coworking space is often the ideal place to work on your startup business.

At Hub Melbourne, fellow Hub members Clear Point Counsel (CPC), in particular CPC’s Anna Reeves, have really pushed the start up idea to a new level, with a start up idea which is a comedy show about start ups. The show – ‘That Start Up Show‘, which will initially air on YouTube as a six part series, launched last week at the recently re-opened Savoy Tavern, corner Bourke and Spencer Streets, Melbourne.

Karolina Partyka pitching her Blood Moon Tonic startup on That Start Up Show L to R Bronwen Clune, comedian Dan Ilic, Alan Noble and Sebastien Eskersley-Maslin

Karolina Partyka pitching ‘Blood Moon Tonic’ startup idea on’ That Start Up Show’ to L to R Bronwen Clune, comedian Dan Ilic, Alan Noble and Sebastien Eskersley-Maslin

I was lucky to be in the audience on Thursday 31 July 2014, when the innovative production kicked off to a large audience. It was a ticketed event, and it was a sell out.

… three startup pitches …

Four hours long with food and drink included, lots of networking opportunities, plenty of comedy courtesy of comedian Dan Ilic, and three start up pitches to a panel of three judges. It was a a fantastic night.

The judging panel  comprised –

  • Alan NobleGoogle Australia and New Zealand’s Engineering Director;
  • Sebastien Eckersley-Maslin – Investor, Engineer, Advisor, and Founder and CEO of BlueChilli, a venture tech company which builds and invests in digital start-ups; and
  • Bronwen Clune – journalist, and Editor of the startup focused publication ‘StartupSmart‘.

The event covered a lot of bases, and I think was a brilliant success. Well done to producer Anna Reeves, and your co-creator and producer Sally Gatenby, as well as the team of – series producer Dominique Spanos, head writer Andy Matthews and director Ahmed Salama.

Sally Gatenby launched her startup focused PR and communications company Larkspur Communications about three years ago. She helps startups using the ‘lean’ approach to communications.

The plan is a air a ‘six part’ YouTube series focusing on #startups. There will be a new episide each month. The second episode will be filmed on 28 August, at the same venue with the same format.

The first episode included lots of jokes and joshing, and a discussion about what a start-up is. It was agreed that not all start-ups are necessarily technology businesses, however start-ups did need to utilise technology to grow rapidly.

There were three pitches from –

  • Dr Joshua Young – founder of ‘AUUG Motion which is an app that allows intuitive and expressive hand controlled movements using a high tech grip on an iPhone or iPod touch, to create music as you move your hand whilst holding the phone.
  • Jules Malseed-Harris – Co-founder and CEO of ‘OurHome‘ app simply allows you to management your household chores and tasks in an incentivised way to inspire the young folk around your home.
  • Karolina Partyka founder of ‘Blood Moon Tonic‘ a centuries old, updated botanicals based tonic to complement gin.

AUUG won both the ‘People’s Choice Award’ (people voted via Facebook on the night), as well as the all important judges choice.

AUUG is designed to let ‘motion shape sound, rather than the other way around’.

That Start Up Show pitch winner Dr Joshua Young from startup AUUG (centre) with Jane Deany and Cullen Pope

That Start Up Show pitch winner Dr Joshua Young from startup AUUG (centre) with Jane Deany and Cullen Pope

One of the  pieces of feedback I noticed from the judges, was that the ‘pitchers’ needed to make stronger ‘financial cases’ when attempting to raise capital, and come to this aspect of their pitch sooner rather than later within the pitch.

Here is a link to ‘That Start Up Show’s YouTube channel. The first episode will be uploaded shortly –

Here is a link to an article in the local Melbourne ‘The Age‘ newspaper of 1 August 2014, which nicely covered the story. (The same article appeared in the sister Sydney daily newspaper ‘The Sydney Morning Herald‘).

That Start Up Show was brought to us by –

‘BlueChilli’, ‘City of Melbourne’, ‘Clearpoint Counsel’, ‘The Savoy Tavern’

Supporters were –

‘Xero’  and ‘Oxygen Ventures’

Community partners –

‘Girl Geek Academy’, ‘Hub Melbourne’, ‘Silicon Beach’, ‘Startup Grind Melbourne’ and ‘Uber’.

Media partners were – ‘Startup Smart’, ‘Larkspur Communications’, ‘Lamp’ and ‘Evolved Group’.

I can’t wait until the next episode, which will be filmed on 28 August 2014.

Cheers, Jane Deany

Getting the most out of Coworking or Productive Coworking

In a blog post I published on 13 July 2014, I referred to the book ‘Working in the “UnOffice”: A Guide to Coworking for Indie Workers, Small Businesses, and Nonprofits‘ by Genevieve V DeGuzman and Andrew I Tang, 2011 (published by Night Owls Press).

If it’s not too late for you to catch QandA at my place, feel free to come by on the way home (unless your evening ends up being a late one with the girls and/or you’re not in the mood etc…). Let me know if the concept appeals. I understand that you might want to just play it by ear. Both of us may end up just wanting a quiet one to ourselves, but I do want to watch QandA for sure.

As I make my way through this great book, I thought I would outline what they suggest for ‘Getting the Most Out of Coworking’. Just in point form for now.

… Productive Coworking …

The authors devote a whole chapter to the topic of ‘Getting the Most Out of Coworking’, and rightly so. You might as well get the most out of your coworking experience, otherwise, why do it?

So here are a few of their themes/sections from chapter 5, which over time I will explore and expand upon further (once I have digested their suggestions).

  • Interact
  • Share
  • Play
  • Participate
  • Maximize Your Space
  • Enhance Productivity, Creativity, and Serendipity
  • Use Collaborative-Friendly Resources
  • Create Meetup Groups
  • Set Up Client Meetings (both physical and virtual)

Some of these headings are relatively self explanatory, however, others may need a little more explaining, which I will do another time. It gives you a chance to think through what they might be referring to, before I hand you the information (so to speak).

Here’s to good coworking.

Cheers, Jane Deany

Regional coworking on the rise

Regional Coworking
The phenomenon of coworking seems to be experiencing a real growth spurt. Coworking spaces are cropping up all over the place, particularly in suburban areas of Australia.

The surge in coworking isn’t just limited to the city and suburban areas however, it’s gradually making its way into regional areas as well.

On my blog , I wrote an article 8 October 2013, about how ‘Coworking could increase employment opportunities in Broken Hill‘ and other regional areas.

… regional coworking is on the rise …

My article was also republished on on 8 November 2013, see link to the article here

South East Queensland is working hard to set up #coworking spaces in this region as the website explains.

L to R Jane Deany (me) and Teresa Mitchell (CoWorx) talk regional coworking at 'The Village'

L to R Jane Deany aka me and Teresa Mitchell (CoWorx) at NAB’s ‘The Village’

In my home state of Victoria, Teresa Mitchell, whom I met at the Hub Melbourne in the last year or so, has set up a coworking space known as CoWorx in the regional town of Warragul.

Warragul is about 105 km east of Melbourne, about an hour and a quarter’s drive, or you can take the train (and no doubt the bus as well). It has been operating for well over a year, and Teresa tells me it’s going well.

I hope to interview Teresa in the coming months, and provide more details about CoWorx. I must say, Teresa is involved in so many things, there’s no doubt the CoWorx space will be a success. It’s on my list to go and visit when I’m next travelling to Gippsland.

Amongst her many interests, and of particular relevance to coworking and business, Teresa is currently Director of COSBA – Council of Small Business Australia.

Further afield, I hear that there will be ‘Five Smart Work Hubs to be set up under a NSW pilot program‘. See article of 11 July 2014 from the blog of

Five Smart (NSW) Work Hubs …

Regional Coworking
There is actually so much to say on the subject of regional coworking, I will explore the topic in more detail in the future.

Regional coworking is a subject that’s close to my heart, especially given my interest in Broken Hill, and no I don’t come from there, it’s just a regional NSW city that I love to visit whenever I get the chance.

Stay tuned for more on #regionalcoworking.

Cheers, Jane Deany Twitter and #coworking

I love Twitter, it’s pretty cool, and obviously I love #coworking if the name of this site is anything to go by. The connection between Twitter and #coworking will be obvious shortly.

I am half way through a challenge I set myself, to blog each day for a month. I have several blogs/websites on the go. So I am not blogging every day on . I am also writing on my original blog which I began in December 2011 – .

The other active site for me is . This site is more abouts thoughts and challenges around starting a project or anything really, but particularly something more challenging.

Back to coworking, that’s what I’ll write about. I wrote about Broken Hill yesterday.


That’s where Twitter comes in. By the way, note that has an aptly named Twitter handle @CoworkingisCool (luckily it was available).

I have lots of things I want to say and write about in relation to coworking, but today I’m just going to suggest that if you’re interested in the topic, search #coworking on Twitter (follow @CoworkingisCool too please … if you like) and you’ll find there are many tweets on the topic. Many of the tweets are, not surprisingly, promoting the many coworking spaces around the world.

Via Twitter –
a sign coworking might be for you …

‘You Have Gotten in a Fight
Over a Café Electrical Outlet’

There are also however,  a lot of interesting articles on the subject of #coworking. You just have to hunt around a little to find them.

I found one interesting Twitter account @interioravenue which has its own blog on Coworking, even though they aren’t a coworking space themselves. According to their Twitter account description –

Interior Avenue provides businesses, architects, & designers architectural signage, site furniture, commercial furnishings at a value price point. AZ, NM, NV’ . They’re in Phoenix, Arizona (AZ), in the USA.

Here is a link to a humuorous article from their blog

I love this one titled ‘5 Signs That Coworking Might Be Right For You‘ (published 7 April, 2014).

Hats off to them for their interesting and informative stories on coworking.

Cheers, Jane Deany

Carolyn Tate Launches Slow School of Business

Exciting things are happening for Carolyn Tate who is about to launch ‘The Slow School of Business‘ (Slow School) via a Community Partnership with Hub Australia.

Carolyn Tate of The Slow School of Business

Carolyn Tate – The Slow School of Business

I met Carolyn when I first started at Hub Melbourne in late 2012. Since then we have gradually gotten to know each other a little more, although I think I still have a lot to learn about this deep thinking and inspiring woman.

Carolyn leads the Victorian Division of the global ‘Conscious Capitalism’ movement, and this will tell you that she is indeed a thinker.

Carolyn has described the Slow School as ‘an unconventional collaborative learning school for like-minded business people who share the common purpose to build a successful business that contributes to the elevation of humanity and the planet. We’re here to help you create a purpose-driven and prosperous business that makes a difference.’

You know what? I really like the sound of that. I think the world needs more of this kind of thinking.

Carolyn Tate discussing collaboration

Carolyn Tate discussing collaboration

Tonight Carolyn is running one of her trial (beta) Slow School classes. Three hours long on the topic of ‘Collaboration’. Obviously, given the purpose of it will be a topic of great interest to me, so naturally I’ve booked in for this event. I will join 24 others for what will no doubt be a fascinating and thought provoking night. I am really looking forward to it.

I just had a quick chat to Carolyn in the Hub Melbourne kitchen and asked her to tell me her vision for the school, and this is what she said –

‘My vision is to create a tribe of 100-150 connected independents (solo professionals)
that come together to learn, connect and collaborate.’

The Slow School officially launches on 7 August 2014

It’s another case of watch this space.

Cheers, Jane Deany

Jelly Coworking Meetup Electron Workshop 18 July

If you have been thinking about trying coworking, there is no better time to give it a whirl than this Friday 18 July 2014 at the regular Melbourne Jelly Meetup which once again is being held at Electron Workshop.

Electron Workshop entrance

Electron Workshop entrance

If you aren’t sure what a Jelly ( is, I published a post about it on 6 January 2014 – ‘Jelly provides a taste of coworking‘.

In brief, Jelly is a movement that creates the opportunity for casual #coworking at different spaces around the world on a semi regular basis.

The Jelly ‘movement’ began in February 2006 in New York City. Since then, the movement has grown and there are over 100 cities around the world that are involved.

You can find a list of participating cities from Jelly‘s wiki –

Jelly is open to anyone and it’s free!’

In my hometown Melbourne Victoria Australia there is a Jelly group available and it’s run through Here’s the link to Melbourne Jelly (via

I’ve been to a few Jelly Meetups so far. A couple last year were held at the then new ‘Collins Collective‘ coworking space, centrally located at the top end of Collins Street, Melbourne (Suite 6, Level 6 Collins Street). The others were at Electron Workshop in North Melbourne, an established and innovative coworking space run by Nick Jaffe and Martin Gleeson, which is where the event is being held this Friday.

Electron Workshop – 31 Arden Street North Melbourne

Electron Workshop  Jelly Meetup lunch break Nick Jaffe + Jason O + Andrew Lai + Jane Deany

Electron Workshop Melbourne Jelly Meetup lunch break Nick Jaffe + Jason O + Andrew Lai + Jane Deany

I must say I met some really interesting nice people and learned a few things too.

The Space
Electron Workshop is a quiet coworking space that attracts numerous independents as well as people working in the digital media industry. It’s friendly, convenient, near great cafes, Victoria Market, not very far from public transport and has a nice relaxed vibe. Oh yes, I mustn’t forget to mention the cappuccino machine and ping pong table. They even have an in-house theatre.

… Jelly Meetupcoworking … champagne breakfast …
Electron Workshop … Friday 18 July 2014 …

This month’s Electron Workshop Jelly is extra special as they’re putting on a special champagne breakfast (RSVP needed via Melbourne Jelly Meetup and there are limited spaces).

The Jelly option is a great opportunity to trial coworking. Some people come to just get out of their office, especially home office and to have a change of pace or scene for the day or a few hours. Others jump at the chance to get fresh ideas by way of chatting to fellow ‘jelliers’.
Whatever suits you, it’s a pretty casual affair.

Jelly is open to anyone and it’s free!

Cheers, Jane Deany

The Village – NAB’s new coworking space

I have just finished Tuesday morning networking coffee at National Australia Bank’s (NAB) ‘The Village’ (Village). Located at 700 Bourke Street, Melbourne, The Village is a new 500 square metre coworking space. Professional yet relaxed, it is situated between Southern Cross Station and Etihad Stadium.

I mentioned The Village in a recent blog post of 28 June 2014. But it seems like the perfect time to say a little more about this unique and innovative coworking space which has been created for NAB’s business customers, community partners and suppliers so they can connect with clients, work between meetings, and learn from leaders.

Jane Deany aka me with Tim Mahlberg, host of NAB's The Village coworking space

Jane Deany aka me with Tim Mahlberg, host of NAB’s ‘The Village’ coworking space

The Village, hosted by the very hospitable Tim Mahlberg and his new off-sider and co-host Jene-Lynn Klop (Jen), is NAB’s coworking pilot project which was launched in February of this year.

Tim’s original vision for The Village was to –

‘create a collaborative, innovative meeting and work environment
connecting our customers, community and people’.

Upon speaking to Tim this morning, he told me that he has seen ‘the community growing into a place to be inspired and to imagine more for their organisation and themselves.’

We agreed that The Village is so new, not yet six months, that it is continuing to evolve and develop.

I look forward to speaking to Tim regularly to see what will ultimately be created. I have a good feeling that this pilot will lead to bigger and better things for all involved.

The Village is definitely a case of watch this space.

The Village holds regular events for members and guests, which are often presented by Village members. It is common that these events are free, or discounted for members. Many events are open to the general public as well.

The Village website indicates that the environment, designed by Woods Bagot, was

‘conceived to help our people achieve their goals and realise their potential.’

Sounds pretty good to me.

Happy coworking, cheers, Jane Deany

Collaboration – what is it and is it happening?

Much is said about collaboration. It’s seems a very fashionable term at the moment, it is a bit of a buzz word.

What actually is collaboration and is it really happening, and more particularly, is it common in coworking spaces?

According to Wikipedia, collaboration is – ‘Working with each other to do a task and to achieve shared goals’.

Hub friends at Docklands Library - Jess + Jane Deany (aka me) + Siana Braganza discussing collaboration

Hub friends at Docklands Library – Jess + Jane Deany (aka me) + Siana Braganza discussing collaboration

In my opinion collaboration is occurring, but I think there is still some way to go before people feel entirely comfortable with collaborating.

One piece of anecdotal evidence suggests that coworkers are quite often very caught up in their own project(s) and have yet to fully realise the benefits of collaboration. Collaboration is definitely happening, but, given the potential for significant gain, there is still a long way to go.

In the highly regarded book ‘Working in the “UnOffice”: A Guide to Coworking for Indie Workers, Small Businesses, and Nonprofits‘ by Genevieve V DeGuzman and Andrew I Tang, 2011 (published by Night Owls Press), p23-25 the authors talk about collaboration –

As being ‘One of the selling points of coworking– and something that will be hard to find anywhere else- is the wealth of knowledge that you can get working among a diverse group of people with different skill sets, backgrounds, and experiences. Whether it’s making sense of your website’s HTML, hammering out a killer proposal, or even just making a barista-worthy pot of coffee in the kitchen, you’re bound to encounter someone who can help.’

When you cowork you are part of a community, and there are no shortages of opportunities to find someone within the community who has the expertise you might need or will know of someone else who does.

As I finish my 20th month today since I joined my coworking community at the Hub Melbourne, I have built an amazing network of fascinating people doing exciting things. I have gained clients via this network and met others whom I plan to collaborate with … more about this when there’s more to say.

As I have come to know my community members, I have enjoyed introducing different people whom I thought could benefit by meeting due to their common fields and interests.

I am fascinated by the idea of successful collaboration, and how coworking can facilitate it. I would love to hear your collaboration success story and I am sure other readers would too.

Please feel free to add your comments below. I would love to hear how you collaborated with someone you met via a coworking space.

Cheers, Jane Deany