Coworking, startups and That Start Up Show

A startup and coworking go together. They are one of the classic combinations as a coworking space is often the ideal place to work on your startup business.

At Hub Melbourne, fellow Hub members Clear Point Counsel (CPC), in particular CPC’s Anna Reeves, have really pushed the start up idea to a new level, with a start up idea which is a comedy show about start ups. The show – ‘That Start Up Show‘, which will initially air on YouTube as a six part series, launched last week at the recently re-opened Savoy Tavern, corner Bourke and Spencer Streets, Melbourne.

Karolina Partyka pitching her Blood Moon Tonic startup on That Start Up Show L to R Bronwen Clune, comedian Dan Ilic, Alan Noble and Sebastien Eskersley-Maslin

Karolina Partyka pitching ‘Blood Moon Tonic’ startup idea on’ That Start Up Show’ to L to R Bronwen Clune, comedian Dan Ilic, Alan Noble and Sebastien Eskersley-Maslin

I was lucky to be in the audience on Thursday 31 July 2014, when the innovative production kicked off to a large audience. It was a ticketed event, and it was a sell out.

… three startup pitches …

Four hours long with food and drink included, lots of networking opportunities, plenty of comedy courtesy of comedian Dan Ilic, and three start up pitches to a panel of three judges. It was a a fantastic night.

The judging panel  comprised –

  • Alan NobleGoogle Australia and New Zealand’s Engineering Director;
  • Sebastien Eckersley-Maslin – Investor, Engineer, Advisor, and Founder and CEO of BlueChilli, a venture tech company which builds and invests in digital start-ups; and
  • Bronwen Clune – journalist, and Editor of the startup focused publication ‘StartupSmart‘.

The event covered a lot of bases, and I think was a brilliant success. Well done to producer Anna Reeves, and your co-creator and producer Sally Gatenby, as well as the team of – series producer Dominique Spanos, head writer Andy Matthews and director Ahmed Salama.

Sally Gatenby launched her startup focused PR and communications company Larkspur Communications about three years ago. She helps startups using the ‘lean’ approach to communications.

The plan is a air a ‘six part’ YouTube series focusing on #startups. There will be a new episide each month. The second episode will be filmed on 28 August, at the same venue with the same format.

The first episode included lots of jokes and joshing, and a discussion about what a start-up is. It was agreed that not all start-ups are necessarily technology businesses, however start-ups did need to utilise technology to grow rapidly.

There were three pitches from –

  • Dr Joshua Young – founder of ‘AUUG Motion which is an app that allows intuitive and expressive hand controlled movements using a high tech grip on an iPhone or iPod touch, to create music as you move your hand whilst holding the phone.
  • Jules Malseed-Harris – Co-founder and CEO of ‘OurHome‘ app simply allows you to management your household chores and tasks in an incentivised way to inspire the young folk around your home.
  • Karolina Partyka founder of ‘Blood Moon Tonic‘ a centuries old, updated botanicals based tonic to complement gin.

AUUG won both the ‘People’s Choice Award’ (people voted via Facebook on the night), as well as the all important judges choice.

AUUG is designed to let ‘motion shape sound, rather than the other way around’.

That Start Up Show pitch winner Dr Joshua Young from startup AUUG (centre) with Jane Deany and Cullen Pope

That Start Up Show pitch winner Dr Joshua Young from startup AUUG (centre) with Jane Deany and Cullen Pope

One of the  pieces of feedback I noticed from the judges, was that the ‘pitchers’ needed to make stronger ‘financial cases’ when attempting to raise capital, and come to this aspect of their pitch sooner rather than later within the pitch.

Here is a link to ‘That Start Up Show’s YouTube channel. The first episode will be uploaded shortly –

Here is a link to an article in the local Melbourne ‘The Age‘ newspaper of 1 August 2014, which nicely covered the story. (The same article appeared in the sister Sydney daily newspaper ‘The Sydney Morning Herald‘).

That Start Up Show was brought to us by –

‘BlueChilli’, ‘City of Melbourne’, ‘Clearpoint Counsel’, ‘The Savoy Tavern’

Supporters were –

‘Xero’  and ‘Oxygen Ventures’

Community partners –

‘Girl Geek Academy’, ‘Hub Melbourne’, ‘Silicon Beach’, ‘Startup Grind Melbourne’ and ‘Uber’.

Media partners were – ‘Startup Smart’, ‘Larkspur Communications’, ‘Lamp’ and ‘Evolved Group’.

I can’t wait until the next episode, which will be filmed on 28 August 2014.

Cheers, Jane Deany

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