The Village – NAB’s new coworking space

I have just finished Tuesday morning networking coffee at National Australia Bank’s (NAB) ‘The Village’ (Village). Located at 700 Bourke Street, Melbourne, The Village is a new 500 square metre coworking space. Professional yet relaxed, it is situated between Southern Cross Station and Etihad Stadium.

I mentioned The Village in a recent blog post of 28 June 2014. But it seems like the perfect time to say a little more about this unique and innovative coworking space which has been created for NAB’s business customers, community partners and suppliers so they can connect with clients, work between meetings, and learn from leaders.

Jane Deany aka me with Tim Mahlberg, host of NAB's The Village coworking space

Jane Deany aka me with Tim Mahlberg, host of NAB’s ‘The Village’ coworking space

The Village, hosted by the very hospitable Tim Mahlberg and his new off-sider and co-host Jene-Lynn Klop (Jen), is NAB’s coworking pilot project which was launched in February of this year.

Tim’s original vision for The Village was to –

‘create a collaborative, innovative meeting and work environment
connecting our customers, community and people’.

Upon speaking to Tim this morning, he told me that he has seen ‘the community growing into a place to be inspired and to imagine more for their organisation and themselves.’

We agreed that The Village is so new, not yet six months, that it is continuing to evolve and develop.

I look forward to speaking to Tim regularly to see what will ultimately be created. I have a good feeling that this pilot will lead to bigger and better things for all involved.

The Village is definitely a case of watch this space.

The Village holds regular events for members and guests, which are often presented by Village members. It is common that these events are free, or discounted for members. Many events are open to the general public as well.

The Village website indicates that the environment, designed by Woods Bagot, was

‘conceived to help our people achieve their goals and realise their potential.’

Sounds pretty good to me.

Happy coworking, cheers, Jane Deany

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