Melbourne Jelly Meetup at Electron Workshop today!

There’s still time to come and try coworking today. Where you might ask? Well, down at funky Electron Workshop in North Melbourne, a really cool coworking space run by Nick Jaffe and Martin Gleeson.

Address – 31 Arden Street North Melbourne

Coworking lunch break at park near Electron Workshop - host of May's Melbourne Jelly Meetup

Pretending to cowork but really just enjoying lunch break at park near Electron Workshop coworking space the host of May’s Melbourne Jelly Meetup. L to R- Jason O, Andrew Lai, Courtney Biggs, Jane Deany (me), Sarah Jansen & Nick Jaffe

‘Try coworking for a day
courtesy of Melbourne Jelly Meetup
and Electron Workshop

Electron Workshop entrance

Electron Workshop entrance

Jelly provides a great opportunity to checkout the coworking scene, have a change of scene from your usual coworking space, which in my case is Hub Melbourne, or simply do your work in a different location for the day or a few hours. Whatever suits you, it’s a pretty casual affair.

To find out a little bit more about Jelly coworking, you can go to – (where you can join this Meetup and come to a Jelly either today or whenever you can make it)

or check out my blog post of 6 January 2014, link here ‘Jelly provides a taste of coworking‘.

Melbourne Jelly - lunch break

Melbourne Jelly lunch break (L to R) Sarah Jansen, Nick Jaffe, Jason O, Andrew Lai, Jane Deany (me) & Courtney Biggs

Some of us decided to enjoy lunch in a park around the corner and soak up the sunshine and 23c autumn day, but now it’s back to work.

I hear there’s drinks on offer around 5.30pm!

If you want to check out coworking at Electron Workshop, (a regular Jelly host), it’s a great opportunity to do so. Electron Workshop is a quiet coworking space that attracts numerous independents as well as people working in the digital media industry. It’s friendly, convenient, near great cafes, Vic Market, not too far from public transport and with a nice relaxed vibe. Oh yes, I mustn’t forget to mention the cappuccino machine and ping pong table.

Cheers, Jane Deany

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