Coworking feels right …

Jane Deany coworking at Hub Melbourne

Jane Deany coworking at Hub Melbourne

Coworking at Hub Melbourne
The vibe at Hub Melbourne drew me to this special coworking space and a few days after my long expected retrenchment in November 2012, I became a member of the Hub Melbourne coworking community and have been happily coworking there part time since then. I’ve now also enjoyed two ‘office’ Hubmas (Christmas) parties (great fun), and many other Hub hosted events.

I have met many interesting and friendly people through the Hub. There are the members, their guests and clients, people attending the many professional development and special interest group events that use the Hub‘s facilities. There are many opportunities to meet new people, and make new contacts and friends.

When you join the Hub you are paired with a Hub buddy who helps you settle in and introduces you to other members. My wonderful Hub buddy was Linnet Hunter of Wild Sky (thanks Linnet for helping me settle in). Any member can offer the become a Hub buddy.

There is a Yammer network (like an intranet) to communicate with other members and Hub staff. Yammer also facilitates the management of the memberships of the many special interest groups within the Hub.

The fact that I have started this website/blog probably gives you a clue that I really love coworking.

My own business ‘theblog-ed’ is a social media advice and training business. I am also a blogger with several sites on the go including, and now this new site

More about me later.

I am excited about this new site and plan to explore the subject of coworking from the point of view of –

  • explaining what coworking is;
  • to finding great coworking spaces around Australia and abroad;
  • to the personal success stories of coworkers.

I want to focus on the last point, that is the inspiring success stories that have come from the connections made through coworking which lead to something new and innovative that may never have happened if not for a serendipitous introduction, connection or meeting with someone through coworking.

I look forward to reporting some cool and inspiring tales of coworking success.

Cheers, Jane Deany

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