Next stop on my coworking journey

The year was 2012 and I think it was October. I was working for a stockbroking firm in Melbourne and was soon to be retrenched. I wasn’t worried as I’d already decided that I wanted to be a full time blogger, and also teach and advise people and businesses about social media.

York Butter Factory, image from their Facebook page

York Butter Factory entrance, image from their Facebook page

York Butter Factory
I was enjoying a lunchtime stroll and was walking down King Street in the Melbourne CBD. I noticed an enterprise on my left, its name was theĀ York Butter Factory. The location was a semi basement in a bluestone old building. For some reason I decided to go in and find out what the organisation was. I must have been in the ‘about to be retrenched, looking for opportunities mode’ as I don’t usually wander into an office without an appointment. But of course it wasn’t a typical office, it was, you guessed it, a coworking space.

There was quite a buzz about the place. I chatted to a coworker member briefly and he explained the ‘space’ to me. He of course knew of Inspire9. He then suggested I might like to check out another coworking space around the corner in Bourke Street called Hub Melbourne to help me decide if any of these coworking spaces would appeal to me, especially given I was about to be self employed.

Coworking is a perfect option for a self employed person and that’s one of the very reasons coworking exists. Coworking spaces help provide a place of work where you can meet others and not feel the isolation that can come from working from home. More about the benefits of coworking later.

It was time to check outĀ Hub Melbourne and see what that coworking space was all about.

My Hub experience, a very positive one, will be the subject of my next post.

Stand by, cheers, Jane Deany

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