How did I find out about coworking?

Inspire9 coworking space

Inspire9 coworking space, image from their website

Inspire9 served as my introduction to coworking. As a new member of the Australian Web Industry Association (AWIA) back in 2012, the Chairman Bret Treasure mentioned I should join some Meetup groups related to web design, such as WordPress Melbourne. I did just that and WordPress Melbourne Meetup was held at a coworking space called Inspire9. This funky coworking space is located on the edge of the Melbourne CBD in Richmond, in an old 1910 former knitting mill. It’s also right near the Richmond Station which makes it very convenient to get to.

The Inspire9 coworking space was established several years ago and is home to start-ups, especially tech start-ups and entrepreneurs. There are lots of events held there too.

It’s worth checking out if you’re looking for somewhere to cowork. is a new project which will introduce readers to coworking. It will also describe some other cool coworking spaces, and most importantly, it will share some positive stories of coworking experiences.

Positive Coworking Stories
I plan to write about some inspiring stories of how people collaborated via coworking and created something such as a new product or innovative idea that would not have happened if they had not met via their coworking space.

I think there will be some really fabulous stories to be told in the coming months and years.

Cheers, Jane Deany

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